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We have updated the gallery with screencaps of last night’s Case Histories that can be found here.

We have also composed a list of files that we’re missing from the gallery. Check it out here.

Case Histories returns tonight, and to celebrate this, the BBC have released Jason’s Video Diary, Edinburgh, which you can watch here and find screencaps here.

There has been a major site update today and things have taken off. You can now find some mp3’s to download here

Also, the Gallery now contains images that are viewed as ‘spoilers’ for series 3 of Sherlock. If you don’t wish to be spoiled, I recommend staying away from the gallery.

Screencaps of Amanda in¬†After You’ve Gone have been added to the gallery¬†here

[showhide type=”post”]We’re extremely happy that our first update on this new fansite is to report that Amanda Abbington has been photographed filming scenes for series 3 of Sherlock. Photos of the filming can be found in the gallery for those who are interested. Further reports suggest that she will be playing Mary Morstan, future wife of John Watson, though this is yet to be confirmed..[/showhide]

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