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Founded by: Antonia
Opened: 17th March 2013
Co-owned & Maintained by: Antonia and Alexx
Name: Amanda Abbington Online
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Being a dedicated Fansite we strive to bring you as accurate information about Amanda Abbington and her work as possible. In order to do so we try to verify the facts before posting something on the website. However, the entertainment industry is always evolving and remains changeable. So it could well be that information posted on this website isn’t accurate at a future time. We will do our best to keep up with these changes. remains strictly websites in honour of Amanda Abbington’s work. The site does not officially take part in any of the following (unless we have reason to believe Amanda Abbington would welcome us to do so):

• Donation and/or Charity Campaigns

• Campaigns to save one of Amanda Abbington’s projects

• Campaigns to get Amanda Abbington cast in our dream role

• Speculation about Amanda Abbington’s private life

• Picture coverage of Amanda Abbington going about her daily life

• Picture coverage of Amanda Abbington’s children. Ever.

In order to make the site as accessible to fellow fans of Amanda Abbington as possible we strive to do the following:

• All the content and all the media files are available to everyone without having to register

• You can register yourself as a user. You will be notified whenever a new entry on the front page has been posted.

Of course we value your privacy and will under no circumstances give out your details to a third party.

When it comes to money matters, we adhere to the following:

• We will never ask you for donations. And should some unforeseen circumstances arise any donation will be 100 % voluntary.

• We provide links to a number of international sites of online merchant Amazon. When you order a product after having clicked one of the links on our site we will in return receive a small revenue by them. However, this doesn’t affect the price you pay at all, it’s exactly the same as if you were to order their products directly. The amounts of money we thus receive have so far been very insignificant. It has always been spent on buying DVDs and magazines with Amanda Abbington content for this website.

We claim the right to change any of the points mentioned above in the future should we wish to do so.

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