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Name: Antonia Bashford
Age: 25
Location: United Kingdom
Occupation: Musical Theatre Actress
Main Site Responsibilities: Site Updates. Gallery Updates. Running the Twitter account. Running the Facebook account.

Top 3 Amanda performances: Sherlock, Mr Selfridge, Postcode (I resent only picking three)

I actually knew of Amanda years before I even knew who Martin Freeman was. Sorry. I mean, I’d seen him in things, The Office, for example, but I couldn’t have told you his name. He was simply “Tim From The Office”.

Whereas Amanda I watched in 20 things to do before you’re 30 in 2003 and became slightly obsessed with her. I have literally seen nearly everything she’s ever done. I once read an interview with her where she said people pushed her out of the way to have photos with Martin and remarked “pretty sure I’d do the opposite”. Except, I wouldn’t push anyone, because I’m not a dick.

Amanda is an amazing human being. She’s lovely, and kind and beautiful, and frankly why does it matter how you came to appreciate her, as long as you’re appreciating her?

At the end of the day, Amanda Abbington is my absolute hero. It’s likely that she always will be.

Watching a large variety of Amanda’s projects, I can safely say that she is one of the most versatile actresses I have ever had the pleasure of watching, and her recent casting in Sherlock is probably the single greatest piece of casting news that I have ever heard.

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Name: Alexx Sampson
Age: 21
Location: United States
Occupation: Special Effects Makeup Artist
Main Site Responsibilities:

Running the tumblr account. Running the Facebook account.

Top 3 Amanda performances: Mr Selfridge, Man Stroke Woman , And Sherlock (I know it will be when it airs!)

Amanda isn’t just a actress to me , she is a role model. She is a kind hearted beautiful person and someone I aspire to be like.
I feel this website is wonderful to be a part of because it gives her the respect she deserves as a actress and person.
I contribute to the site (and my tumblr) and work hard because she works hard to deliver us amazing performances.
I love Amanda as you should you.

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Name: Jennifer Sare
Location:United Kingdom
Main Site Responsibilities:

Running the Facebook account.

Top 3 Amanda performances:

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Name: Laura Barrett
Location: United Kingdom
Main Site Responsibilities:

Twitter Promotion. Running the Facebook account.

Top 3 Amanda performances:

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